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About Us
The bridge between you and technology

Our objectives

To become trustworthy allies of families and companies with regards to solving their IT related problems.
To help parents prevent risks for their children when connecting to the Internet.
To be the technological partner of reference for companies and their clients.
To offer quality standards unknown in the IT sector up until now.

The Benn commitment to you.
What you can expect when dealing with Benn.

• The Benn commitment is based on excellent service: safe, professional, innovative, transparent and personalized.

• Our remote assistance service - SecurAssist - allows us to resolve your IT problems remotely, in a secure and authorized manner for both Windows and Macintosh systems.

• Our team is qualified and professional.

• We guarantee arranged appointments (within 4-hour windows) for assistance at home and in offices so that you can plan your time and receive us when it is most convenient for you.

• You are in control. Just because you need help with your IT doesn't mean that you have to be left in the dark about what is happening or what our technician is doing. Our staff is trained to explain what they will do and why, if that is what you want, offering you the possible options along the diagnostic and resolution process. You will receive a written offer for the necessary work to be carried out and its costs. You approve the proposal before we start the work.

• Information adapted to your needs; everybody likes to receive information their way. Whether you just want your problem solved and want to be informed when it is done, or you want to be informed of every step of the progress of the installation and/or repair, we will adapt our information to the level that you wish to receive.

• Neat and tidy. Sometimes installers or technicians leave plenty of evidence of their work in your home or office, be it cables, papers or any other "junk" that you need to clean after they have left. Our professionals will leave your place as neat and tidy as when they arrived.

Our Team

Members of Benn's management team have dedicated the majority of their working careers to technology, customer management, customer experience, training, and project management. Moreover, they are parents themselves which is why they understand your worries about your children how they use new technologies.
How does online help work?
To solve your computer issues remotely and securely, you just need a working Internet connection and your computer. The process is simple, secure, and on-demand. Do you want to know more?
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What our customers say
  • Regina: "I simply loved the remote assistance. Super easy to get going and an easy and safe way of paying, too. In less than an hour my email programme was up and running again properly. Congratulations for being so effective!"

    Steve: "You saved my life! I didn't know that you could fix a computer without having to take it somewhere. Everything was very professional. What I liked best is that you explained step by step everything you did. So I even had a good time and learned something, too! Thx!"
  • Alfonso and Laura: "We had been thinking for a while that in some way we had to control what our children where doing in the Internet but we felt quite lost about it. We both work and don't have the time to investigate. Benn's consultant gave us a complete picture of the risks involved for children using the Internet and what we can do to protect them. Now we know what measures to take and feel much more comfortable."

    Fabiola: "I bought myself a Mac recently. Wonderful machine but I wasn't capable of seeing whether the parental control worked or not. Sometimes my little son uses my computer during my absence and for me it was fundamental to be sure. I called Benn and they made the necessary changes to the configuration remotely. Everything fast and efficient.".
  • Miguel Ángel: "A short while ago I decided to outsource IT maintenance. Benn's offer was the most convincing and I wasn't wrong. Most things are managed remotely so there are fewer costs and you also save a lot of space. But the best of all is their first class service!"
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