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Family Internet Security / Help for parents with
abuse prevention on the Internet

We at Benn are not just professionals with a wide range of experience in modern technology. We are also parents. We have been through the same worries that thousands of families currently have with children at home. That is why we have assumed the responsibility and the commitment to inform and advise of the dangers and risks the Internet entails for the most vulnerable members of our society and what steps can be taken to reduce those risks.
More information in this leaflet.

Full Service Monitoring

If you prefer not to have the hassle of actively monitoring your child's Internet activity, the Professional Parents Plan offers you a full service monitoring subscription which includes regular reports on unusual activities as well as alerts in the event of potentially dangerous activity, and involves you at the moment when your attention is needed.
For more information about this plan download this leaftlet.

Total peace of mind for 14,90 €/month + VAT

Technical support

Whether you want to use the standard parental controls that came with your computer or whether you prefer to use specific software designed for child protection, Benn will help you to install, configure and maintain the parental control setup on your home computers. With the Start-up Plan you receive the help needed to take full advantage of the parental control tool from the first moment. Give us a call +34 902 24 64 24.
For more information on this plan download this paper

Start-up plan for 39,90 € + VAT

Informative talks for schools and parent's associations

Knowing how to use the Internet properly is an essential skill that each child should acquire as part of its development within our society. Nevertheless, there are dangers.

With that in mind we have designed informative talks, free of charge, to "teach" interested families in schools or parents associations meetings and to give tips, tricks and tactics on how to duly protect your Internet-using children. We alert parents to the true situation they are facing while giving them guidance on how to prevent the risks.
To download more information you can click here

If you would like to arrange a talk, please contact us at: or use the contact form.

Technical Assistance
remotely or at home

Does your computer run slowly and would you like to optimize its performance? Do you have an IT problem but don't know how to fix it? Has a virus affected your PC and you need to eliminate it? Do you need to configure an accessory which doesn't install properly?

Be it at your office or at home, Benn provides you with technical support for your Windows or Mac computer. With SecurAssist, our remote technical assistance service, all you need is a computer with a working Internet connection and one of our technical consultants can provide you with the necessary support in a secure and reliable way. To see how SecurAssist works, please click here.

Click here to see our list of services. If you don't find the service you might need, please fill out this simple contact form. We will happily help you to identify your problem and offer you a possible solution.
Also, we have plans for technical asistance for a flat rate, here you´ll find a leaflet

Alternatively, especially in cases where the problem prevents a connection using SecurAssist, you can ask one of our team members to come to your home or office to fix the problem. To request a visit from one of our technical consultants, please click on the following link.

Technical Consulting and Assessment

We can help you to install and configure your IT equipment or optimize your existing one. If you are not sure which type of connection best fits your needs - ADSL or mobile connection -, if you want to install hardware, internal or external, connect your equipment to the Internet via WIFI, set up a computer network in your home or want to know which antivirus software best suits your needs, simply call us. One of our technical consultants will come to your home to make an assessment of your IT installation and advise you.

Easy, professional and secure

It's easier than it seems to keep your computers running well and protect your family from risks on the Internet. It doesn't cost that much and you can leave the problem in our hands. Contact us, and you will receive a rapid response, a proposal adapted to your needs, a professional service, and an intervention in the least time possible.

How does online help work?
To solve your computer issues remotely and securely, you just need a working Internet connection and your computer. The process is simple, secure, and on-demand. Do you want to know more?
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What our customers say
  • Regina: "I simply loved the remote assistance. Super easy to get going and an easy and safe way of paying, too. In less than an hour my email programme was up and running again properly. Congratulations for being so effective!"

    Steve: "You saved my life! I didn't know that you could fix a computer without having to take it somewhere. Everything was very professional. What I liked best is that you explained step by step everything you did. So I even had a good time and learned something, too! Thx!"
  • Alfonso and Laura: "We had been thinking for a while that in some way we had to control what our children where doing in the Internet but we felt quite lost about it. We both work and don't have the time to investigate. Benn's consultant gave us a complete picture of the risks involved for children using the Internet and what we can do to protect them. Now we know what measures to take and feel much more comfortable."

    Fabiola: "I bought myself a Mac recently. Wonderful machine but I wasn't capable of seeing whether the parental control worked or not. Sometimes my little son uses my computer during my absence and for me it was fundamental to be sure. I called Benn and they made the necessary changes to the configuration remotely. Everything fast and efficient.".
  • Miguel Ángel: "A short while ago I decided to outsource IT maintenance. Benn's offer was the most convincing and I wasn't wrong. Most things are managed remotely so there are fewer costs and you also save a lot of space. But the best of all is their first class service!"
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